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A letter explaining the whereabouts of a missing money order that was intended for Martha Berry

Mrs. Hicks writes to inform Sophia Alston that a money order is on the way to pay for Esther's uniforms, and expresses her regret that the money is late.

In this letter to Martha Berry, Lucy Bliss writes of a money order she has sent, along with some clothes and material for the girls to use. She also inquires after Martha Berry's health and observes that Mr. Ford is working on a few new schools.

Ella writes to Martha with a money order for the Berry Schools wishing it were more.

A letter stating that there is a check enclosed in with the letter from Mrs. Robinson that was promised to be sent to Miss Berry.

Along with a replying letter with a check for 25.00 dollars for the subscription to the Berry School. She is also expressing her heart felt feelings for her interests in the school.

Miss Brown sends a money order for $25 for Eugene's scholarship, but if it has already been supplied, she requests that the money be applied to another scholarship.

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