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A letter attached to his $200 1938 Memorial Transferring check in addition to an update on his life.

Martha Berry thanks Harry Carlson for his donation to the Chapel Fund. She also expresses her desire for him to attend their Armistice Day celebration.

A reply sent in Martha Berry's absence to Reed's letter about a bequest from her husband. Although a scholarship in her husband's name is a possibility, the preference is for bequests to be placed in the endowment fund.

Reed inquires about the best use of a $1,000 bequest to the school from her husband.

The letter is part sympathy note to Mrs. Egan on the passing of her husband and part thank you for a memorial gift that will be used to purchase ornamental plants and shrubs.

Martha Berry lets Mrs. Hussey know that the day she wished to choose as an endowed day is available.

Holt encloses his memorial gift and describes his plans to travel to Morganton, North Carolina to visit relatives of his mother. He has questions about the communion service, as it has become clear that it will cost more than he anticipated.

Holt proposes wording for the engraving on the communion service he plans to donate, wishing to emphasize the name of his mother, Margaret Lock Erwin Holt.

Richard Arnold Greene sends a $50.00 donation to the Berry Schools on behalf of the Walter Lowrie Club.


Susan Wright writes to Martha Berry with a gift in memory of Frank Write.

Letter from Barbara Kauffmann Murray making $150 donation in memory of her mother Mrs. Rudolph Kauffmann of Washington DC.

A letter from Martha Berry asking a friend for a donation of twenty-five hundred dollars.

Letter includes a poem by A. L. Frink, "The Rose Still Grows Beyond the Wall." A note at the bottom informs Miss Berry that the poem was published as part of a memorial for Elizabeth Widdicomb, a thirteen-year-old girl at the Brentwood School who passed away earlier that year. The author hopes that the poem will allow Miss Berry to know something of Elizabeth.

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