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The letter informs Martha Berry of a Mothers Day Committee meeting to review candidates for the American Mother of 1939. The committee has reviewed nominations and says they will review and decide the nominations at this meeting, which Martha Berry is urged to attend.

Martha Berry says that she enjoyed meeting Mr. Campbell at Battle Creek and that she appreciates his contribution to a scholarship. She hopes that Mr. Campbell will visit Berry to see the work that they are doing. She also asks him to send his home address for the records.

Daisy L. Renfrae writes to Miss Berry asking for any literature that she could send back by return mail because she wants to give an accurate representation of Miss Berry's life and work for her presentation at the Woman's Club Meeting.

This is letter from Mr. Elliott, with the Southern Appraisal Company, to Miss Martha Berry letting her know that would like to set up a 5 minute appointment in Rome.

This is a letter to Mr. Elliott from Martha Berry letting him know the dates she will be available in Rome to see him.

Martha writes to Mrs. McIntire that she will let her know when Miss Wooten is back in the north to have a meeting.


Martha writes to Helen that she did not wire about the Hartford meeting as arrangements had already been made and perhaps they could meet there at another time due to Miss Wooten already having made return arrangements.

Martha Berry sends her thanks and hopes the couple will come to visit soon.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Barnes, telling her that she is sending Inez on January 10th. She apologizes that she will be unable to come but promises that they will have a great meeting anyway.


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Martha Berry tells Mr. Clause that it was a pleasure meeting him when he came to her meeting in Augusta where they were trying to get people interested in helping the boys and girls of Berry.

Miss Berry tells Mr. McWane that the date of the Trustees' Meeting changed from May 1st to April 30th because many of the members could not attend the later date.

Letter acknowledging her presence in East Orange for the meeting in March.

Mr Holt writes Miss Berry to tell her that he and Mrs Frank R Chambers will not reach Atlanta in time to meet with her as scheduled. He also provides Miss Berry with a new time and date along with his address in Atlanta.

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