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Miss Berry writes to thank Mr. Taylor for his donation. She tells him a little bit about Elsie and Elizabeth. She explains what she thinks about students staying or leaving The Berry Schools.

Letters between a Mrs. Nesbitt and Martha Berry speaking of an Audrey Henderson and a girl named Mary, who both married someone other than the one who they were engaged to.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Crow about the package of clothing she sent and her hope that Mary and Willoughby will return to Berry in May to see their class graduate.

Miss Berry explains her feelings about Mrs. Crowe's son's marriage before graduation.

Martha Berry expresses her desire that Mary would have waited to get married until after graduation. She also asks Mary to continue to write and be involved in the Berry Schools, especially with the girls of Faith Cottage.

Martha Berry writes Robitzsch Long of Ocilla, Ga. to thank him for a previous letter. She reports on the intensity of the summer heat before addressing the real topic, a young woman named Audrey. It appears that she is a student or some other member of the Berry community who is carrying on a a long engagement with Mr. Long. Martha Berry expresses her concerns about Audrey being to young to not be having as good a time as other girls without criticism. She tells Mr. Long that she will try to secure him a place in Rome, where there is a new mill and improving business, or at least in Atlanta.

Berry congratulates Ford on his engagement to Elsie Andrews, telling him that she is pleased to have good representatives of Berry marry one another.


Martha writes to Ruby saying that it she would be delighted to have the honor of giving her in marriage. She also wishes to know if Mrs. Hodgson used a beaten biscuit machine and where they could get one.

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