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American Forests Magazine will be sent as a gift from Mrs. Katharine A. Forrest.

A request for a signature from Miss Martha Berry from William L. Stidger for the reprint of a nonsectarian religious magazine and the story for her work which would be published in it. Handwritten note details that the proof was oked and returned.

Writer announces his admiration for Miss Berry and asks for permission for interview via mail in order to write a possible magazine article

Bertram Robinson writes to Miss Berry to ask for a picture of herself and maybe one of the Berry school buildings. Robinson wants the picture to put it with an article in a large national newspaper syndicate. The article would appear in 500 newspapers throughout the nation.

An article in "The Golden Book Magazine" about the Berry Schools, pleading for donations.

Miriam Moyer writes Martha Berry to express her desire to financially support a student for a year. She also provides a list of names as Martha Berry asked in a previous magazine.

Mrs. Meyer sends a check in hopes that it will help the boys and girls of Berry.

Mrs. Mckay sends one dollar, and she hopes the Schools will send her a copy of the Berry magazine.

Miss Berry writes to thank Miss Bradley for the magazine she sent and asks her to tell her friends about Berry.


Evelyn F. Evans sends under separate cover some old magazines and asks if Miss Berry could use more in her work.

Mr. Edmonds writes that Martha Berry has received a $5,000 magazine prize from Manufacturer's Record.

Miss Berry thanks recipient for article written about her and gives him permission to publish it, though she regrets Mr. Rockefeller's lack of financial support.

Annie Fitz-Randolph read in the magazine that Berry would appreciate clothing donations so she took the liberty of sending a box of clothing in the hope that Miss Berry could use them or would know of someone who could.

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