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Miss Berry is thanking Mr. Finley for agreeing to visit the campus with his wife (and, possibly, another guest or so) and to give a small speech to the students.

This is a bill for 6 napkins to match a lavender luncheon set sent to Mrs. Henry Rauh.

A Letter to Mr. Trawick from Martha Berry inviting him to come visit the Berry School and have a luncheon with her. She also asks him to invite Mr. Henry B. Thompson to come.

Genevieve Parkhurst writes to Martha Berry to confirm her visit on October 31st, the day that the announcement will be released to the papers and reporters and photographers will be there to interview and take pictures of her. The trip expenses will be paid for by the Pictorial Review.
Parkhurst goes on to mention her interest in having a luncheon in Miss Berry's honor on November 20th while she is visiting New York between November 15th and December 1st. In the end Parkhurst thanks Miss Berry for the wonderful experience she enjoyed during her recent visit to the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Macy for his and Mrs. Macy's gift at Christmas saying that they have helped build up the endowment fund. She also says that she's sorry she wasn't able to see him while she was in New York - she remembers all the pleasant visits with the Macys. She says that one of the last things Mrs. Macy spoke to her about was her interest in the endowment fund and her plan to host a luncheon to raise support for it. She adds a post script saying that Mr. Ladd told her Mr. Macy would let her know the name for the endowed day for that year.

Emily V. Hammond expresses her desire to hold a luncheon for the Berry Schools on Tuesday, November 27th. She would also like Martha Berry and Inez to make a speech. After which, Mrs. Douglas Robinson will appeal for funds.

A letter from Martha Berry to Mary Gould expressing her joy of being able to see her in New York. She also expresses her grievances for the passing of Mrs. Marquand and also requests that Mrs. Gould send her the names of the people she met at the luncheon.

Mrs. Eos Petty Richardson invites Martha Berry to a luncheon organized by The Southern Women's Club.

Letter to P.C. McDuffie from Martha Berry informing him that she hopes to be in for his invitation to luncheon. However, she informs him that if she comes to Atlanta she will see Mrs. Inman and will let him know if she is available. She thanks him for the invitation and trusts that she will be able to join him.

P.C. McDuffie says he is looking forward to Martha Berry's visit to Atlanta for the Second Annual Society Horse Show. He also invites her to a luncheon at his residence.

Miss Berry tells Mrs. Judd that she will be unable to visit her in Dalton, and that they can have 15 or 20 people at the luncheon.

Martha Berry writes to Bonnell H. Stone about a lecture and a luncheon. She says that they do not have a lot of room for extra guests to come to these events, and that they may need to change the location of the luncheon.

Thanks for the wonderful luncheon and visit to the Berry Schools.

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