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Marian writes to Martha apologizing for not answering sooner but they had been out of town. Marian also mentions that Mrs. Cromwell asked to thank Martha for the invitation but currently has no plans to visit Atlanta but will Martha know if she will ever be near the schools.

Martha writes to Mr. Hoge to acknowledge and thank him for the gift that came from him today at the school.

Martha writes to Miss Hemrick thanking her for the letter she wrote and that she is thinking about her. Martha also mentions that her health is improving.

The Berry Schools write to Mrs. Heath apologizing for the seeming negligence due to Martha's illness to let her know her package did come and to thank her for the things she sent. Martha normally likes to open them personal.

A letter to Martha Berry thanking her for a gift that she had recently sent him, and of how much it meant to him to have received it from her.

A letter of thanks to Mrs Haskell for her gift to Berry, and how much it means at that financially difficult time. She thanks them for the invitation to come visit next winter, and extends an invitation to Berry for the next time they are in the south as well. She concludes with an update of the progress of hard work going on there at Berry.

Letter of thanks for a donation of 2 boxes of clothing for students

Martha writes to Miss Weston to thank her for the gift she was able to send through Mrs. Hammond. She also mentions the hardwork the boys in blue overalls and girls in chambray dresses are doing.

A. Randolph writes to Martha Berry thanking her for a lavender sachet that she sent.

A letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Proctor containing a receipt for $250.00 for the gift towards the building of Pilgrim Hall and the invitation to visit and see the building when it is completed.

Martha writes to Mr. Holt to thank her for the gift to the school, as this is the "hardest year in the school's history."

Martha writes to Mr. McBride to thank him for his kindness this past year and hopes he will visit.

Martha writes to Miss Wheeler to thank the members of the Junior Guild of Christ Church for the gifts that were sent to the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Hyatt to thank him for the gift that he sent to the Berry Schools during a time of great need.

The Berry Schools write to Mrs. Howells to thank her for the package of clothing and material sent to the school.

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