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Harriet Brewer writes to Martha Berry informing her that the donation she intended to make towards The Berry Schools will have to be shared instead with an old friend whose need is greater. Harriet also writes that she plans on helping in the future.

Mr. Bryson writes to Martha to inform her that Mrs. Blackston has lost interest in many things unfortunately and unable to give proper consideration to Martha's letter.

Massengill writes to Martha Berry that she is regretfully too ill to visit Berry but will hopefully be able to in the Spring. She is currently staying with her stepson and his wife in their very nice home. She is pleased to hear that a girl, Lanise, is doing very well at Berry. She says that, while she has not been able to financially support Berry, she believes in the great work being done there.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Johnson for her contribution to the Berry Schools and hopes that she will come visit Berry again some time.

Charles writes to Martha that he wishes he could help, but his budget is full that there is nothing more he can contribute to.

Author expresses her regret that limited income and a multitude of good causes prevents her from donating a years' tuition

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