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A. Randolph writes to Martha Berry thanking her for a lavender sachet that she sent.

Ms. Rockwood thanks Miss Berry for the bag of lavender she sent.

Petrasch writes to thank Berry for the "dainty bag of lavender" Berry sent to her. The letterhead contains the seal of The Mayflower in Washington, Connecticut.

Mary Day thanks Martha Berry for the gift of lavendar.



Frances Turner writes to apologize for all the trouble Miss Bonner is having with the post office in Sebec. She says she doesn't want the lavender as much as she wants to add to the Berry treasury so she places an order for ten bags.

Armes inquires about why Frances Turner's lavender order has not been filled as promised. She expresses disappointment at not having seen or heard from Martha Berry during her visit north and sends congratulations for the Pictorial Review Achievement Award.

This letter to Mrs. Elisha Whittelsey from Miss Martha Berry thanks her for sending the boys and girls at Berry a gift. She also thanks her for the lavender soap. Miss Berry asks Mrs. Whittelsey where she can purchase the lavender soap because she'd like to keep a supply of it on hand.

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