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Miss Peck wrote requesting Miss Berry to write to Harold W. Peck who is involved in Christian Service work in New York and recommending Harold for employment at Berry. She includes a detailed work history. She reminded Miss Berry that she is still trying to sell an 1869 pearl necklace; the proceeds will be donated to Berry for a memorial. Miss Peck enclosed a check for $5.00.

Eva Peck sends Berry a set of pearls which are "the family jewels of the man [she] love[s]" and shares the story of how she acquired them from his mother. The man, Andreas Lansing, was institutionalized and died without ever knowing of Eva's love for him.

Martha Berry requests that J.T. Fleming, of Maier & Berkele Jewelers in Atlanta return a pearl choker to her rather than restringing it.

J.T. Fleming, of Maier & Berkele, Inc. in Atlanta, provides an estimate for restringing and shortening a pearl choker.

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