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A letter to Elsie Ford from Martha Berry, thanking her for her gift of jelly and sympathizing for her on the problems at Possum Trot.

Martha Berry writes Mr. Hoge to tell him of her desire to have Miss Anderson do the jelly and preserves for the Girls and Boys Schools.

Charlotte writes on behalf of her mother to thank Miss Berry for the jelly for her mother and the lavender sachet she received at Christmas.

Albert F. Zangerle writes to Miss Berry to thank her for her kindness in sending her the jelly made at Berry. He also wishes the Schools a successful new year.



Donation solicitation from Martha Berry to Thomas. A. Watson for the construction of a new dormitory after a fire.

A letter from Elizabeth Vankirk to Martha Berry thanking her for a gift of jelly and wishing her school good luck in the coming year.

This is a letter from Mrs. Herman F. Vickery to Martha Berry. Mrs. Vickery is writing to Martha to thank her for a glass of jelly she sent her.


W.S. Ransom sends a check for $25 to be used towards the rebuilding of the dormitory burned in the fire. He also thanks Martha Berry for the jelly he received at Christmas time.



A donation letter to Martha Berry from Mary Skeel in Bedford Hills, NY. Mary Skeel is making an additional donation after receiving a jar of jelly from the Berry Schools and having recently sold property in New York. She also hopes Berry isn't suffering from the unfortunate summer.

Mrs. McLain thanks Martha Berry for the glass of blackberry jelly and the Southern Highlander magazine she received. She wishes Martha Berry the best and congratulates her on her work at the Berry Schools.

Pedra Edgar writes to Martha Berry thanking her for the jelly the girls made. She apologizes for how long it took her to acknowledge the gift. She also sends $5 and apologizes it couldn't be more.

Mrs. Carpenter thanks Miss Berry for her Christmas present (jelly) which traveled well. Mrs. Carpenter encloses: a $5 gift, a Christmas card, and promises to share her Southern Highlander with her friends as Miss Berry had requested.

Mr. Arnold thanks Martha Berry for some jelly she sent for Christmas.

Letter thanking Martha Berry for the jelly she sent her for Christmas.

Mrs. Hardenbergh thanks Martha Berry for the box of cotton and jelly she received at Christmas time and sends a $100.00 contribution in return.

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