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A letter thanking Miss Martha Berry for the hospitality afforded Frank and his family and friend on their visit and stay at the sunshine cottage at The Berry Schools. Also regret that Miss Martha Berry's absence made it impossible for them to meet her.

A letter to Martha Berry thanking her for her hospitality towards her daughter and daughter's husband when they visited in addition to a donation check.

Gertrude Ruhnka sends a donation of $20 in grateful response to her uplifting experience with the Schools.

WM. H. Richie congratulates Miss Berry on receiving the Achievement Award of the Pictorial Review, saying that her work deserves the recognition. He recalls his visit to the schools and the gracious hospitality he received there. He also informs her that Mr. Haines is ill, but they are still managing to send Scripture to the rural people.

Mr. Hoehler writes Martha Berry to express his appreciation for her hospitality during his last visit and admiration for how much the school has grown and for the acquisition of timber land, etc.

A letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Henry Ford referencing recent hospitality and also the Ford Buildings as well as other fundraising events attended.

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