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In this letter R.W. Madry informs Martha Berry that she will be reciving an honorary degree during commencement.

Mr. Chase, the President of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill writes Miss Berry to remind her of her standing agreement to present at the Commencement of the University of North Carolina on the 10th of June. He states that a gown will be furnished for the occasion and that she is being awarded an honorary degree through the university.

A Letter to Chancellor Snelling from Martha Berry asking help from him to get Mr. Leland Green the Principal of the Berry Schools a Degree. She also asks that he visits the Berry Schools.

Letter to Mr. I.M. McConnell from Martha Berry on behalf of Mr. S. H. Cook, an alumni of Davidson College. Miss Berry informs Mr. McConnell that Mr. Cook has been working at the Boys School for 17 years and that he is beloved by everyone there. Miss Berry compliments Davidson in saying that many of the alumni of Davidson are splendid but she does stress that none of them could be as deserving of an honorary degree as Mr. Cook. She asks that they award him with this degree, while also informing Mr. McConnell that she wishes to send as many Berry students to Davidson as possible. She also wishes that one day she might visit Davidson College.

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