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Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Driggers for visiting her at the hospital and bringing her handkerchiefs. She says to tell David and Mariam how much she appreciates them. She says she is sorry that she didn't see them, but that she knew she needed to get her sight back. She tells Mrs. Driggers that she cannot wait to see Berry again when she gets her permanent glasses.

Berry sends thanks for the Easter handkerchief, though she fears Henderson spent too much for it, especially as it is so expensive to live in Brooklyn.

Thank you for a box of handkerchiefs.

Mrs. Elliott advises that she is mailing under separate cover a box of 12 handkerchiefs that her DAR chapter meant to send before Christmas but it was delayed. She congratulates Miss Berry on Mr. Ford's gift to the Schools.


Miss Wingo thanks Martha Berry for a handkerchief.

Martha Berry asks Mr. Moore if his Patriotic Education Committee could donate a box for the presents that they give the students at Christmas time. She describes these presents as items they use or to make their dorms more homelike.

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