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This is a letter to Miss Berry from Rose Murger addressing the check she has enclosed for part of her scholarship at Berry. She also talks about the trip she had planed to visit the Berry School and also thanked Martha Berry for her great education.

Martha writes to Walter asking to have ashes removed from the Recitation hall and have dead branches removed around the Chapel as they are expecting guests.

In this letter Martha Berry informs Louise Inman she will be happy to entertain Mrs. Reed.

Berry chastises Wingo for allowing "the 'Y' girls" to entertain Dr. and Mrs. Furry at dinner. Berry reiterates her insistence that local people not have access to the schools: "I never want any Rome people - doctors, ministers or speakers - entertained at the schools. I often have an impromptu guest and I do not wish them to come in contact with local people."



This document include the meals to be served on the second and third days of the "New York Guests'" stay.

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