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Martha Berry thanks Mr. Holt for his letter and expresses her sadness that she could not see him before he left. She tells Mr. Holt that it is okay for Mr. Staley Cook to visit on Easter, but that they only have a room for him on Saturday and Sunday nights. She says that they would love to have Mr. Cook visit, but that he can also come later in the month.

Berry writes to Cannon requesting that she visits the School when she is nearby at Oglethorpe College.

In this letter Martha Berry invites Mrs. Beach to come visit the schools while she is in Georgia. She even goes as far to say that they will meet her at the train station if she comes.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Dickerson asking her and her husband to come and visit. She said that Miss Johnson, the librarian, told her about the Dickersons. She says that they have very comfortable guest rooms and they can have lunch ready for them.

Martha Berry informs Mr. Crane that Dr. Mayr wrote to tell her that he will be visiting the Berry Schools and reminded her of the happy times she had spent at Mr. Crane's home. She tells him that the school has grown and seen many improvements, including the adding of a guest room. She then thanks him for his interest in Berry and his friendship, and invites him to visit the schools.

The Berry Schools reply to a request form Mrs. Frost's Home Missionary Department telling her the various needs of the Schools and sending a Southern Highlander.

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