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Mr. Carlson writes that Mr. Liebold says that he doesn't think it necessary to make a joint visit until July but Mr. Carlson says that of course he will come before then. He also encloses letters from the Monon Stone Co. and teh Carolina Steel and Iron Co. that praise Coolidge and Carlson Architects.

Miss Berry writes to say that she is very glad that he will be there to open the bids with Mr. Liebold and says she has a number of things she'd like to talk with him about.

Mr. Carlson writes that Mr. Liebold asks that the bids be opened in Rome on the 29th. He informs Miss Berry that he is asking the bidders to send their bids to the School in time or they will lose their chance and that he's sending instructions that the bids not be opened so that Mr. Liebold can do it himeslf.

Martha Berry describes her hopes at keeping outside architecture the same on the new Girl's Dormitory.

Mr. Liebold lets Martha know that construction will proceed on the Girl's Dormitory, however, plans need to be changed prior to construction.

Architect Harry J. Carlson writes to enclose bills and say that the Berry Schools owe him a great deal of money, a situation that cannot go on. He also mentions a letter from Mr. Hamrick requesting working drawings for a lookout tower, which he will send as soon as they are prepared.

Receipt for payment from the Berry School to Coolidge and Carlson.

Miss Berry asks for Mr. Harrington to come soon to help with the decorating of the Girl's Dormitory.

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