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Martha Berry says that Mr. Macy was a best friend, and sends the students, faculty and her own sympathy.

A sympathy letter to Mr. & Mrs. Noal Macy consoling them for the death of a friend. Martha states that she will try to attend the funeral.

Berry writes to Lillian to express her sympathy for the loss of Chester. Berry begs Lillian to bring her baby to visit.


Berry reports that there has been much illness, including flu and a measles epidemic. Two boys have died, one by electrocution. She thanks Neal for sending money, asking that she let Berry know of any deficit since she does not want Neal to lose money in the investment.

Mr. Cason Callaway sent Miss Berry a telegram stating that his father passed away and the time of the funeral.

Alice D. Jones responds for Senator William J. Harris of Georgia to an invitation from Martha Berry for the Senator to attend the Berry Schools' 25th anniversary celebration.

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