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A letter of thanks for Miss Williams and the Girls' Friendly Society of their church for raising $27 to help the boys and girls at Berry Schools, and of Mrs. Hammond for giving the recital to raise the money. She goes on to mention that she wishes she had been well enough to attend.

A fund-raising recital was held for the Girl's Friendly Society of St. James Church. Twenty-five cents admission was charged, and a total of $27 was raised for Berry.


A list of suggestions made by Mr. Frederick Snyder regarding fund raising campaign. Snyder urges Berry to move away from fund raising appeals focused on the needs of individual children to broaden the appeal. He also urges that money not just be raised for scholarships but also for buildings, the endowment, and current expenses.

McGill encloses examples of materials that his organization uses to raise funds and offers them to Miss Berry for her use.

Martha Berry writes that she appreciates Mr. Hall's recommendation, and asks for help securing a gift from the fund that he spoke to her about.

Martha Berry writes Helen Forrest and thinks she might postpone her trip to Massachusetts because it is so unfavorable a time to raise money and she doesn't feel able to speak as well as in the past.

Mr. Cohn is offering his services for fund raising for the $650,000 that Berry is trying to raise.

Thank you note for a gift Martha Berry sent to B.? Blanchard, presumably from New York City, New York. Address at top of stationary is 100 Central Park South. Mentions a birthday dinner that raised $11,000.00. Emily Hammond is named in the note as a hostess at a Christmas gathering.

Mr. Kelsey writes to Martha Berry saying that he wishes he could give money to Berry College, but because his wife already donates he feels his funds would be better used elsewhere. He hopes his advice about her raising three million dollars for the schools doesn't cause her to abandon the plan. He does think she could raise one million for the schools.

Miss Martha Berry has become ill with bronchitis and will probably have to cancel her St. Louis engagement. She inquires about when she is to meet Mr. Penny again as she has not yet received an answer for when he expects her. Furthermore, Miss Berry writes that the school is falling behind in raising money for their running expenses, and she has already used every means she can think of to raise funds.

Martha Berry writes to A. B. Dick to inform him of the receipt of his generous gift of $100 and to "hasten to send my heartfelt thanks." She reflects on the great need plaguing the Schools and her summer spent trying to raise funds to rebuild the dormitory destroyed by fire. With no major contributions to this fund, she still hopes to have a roof on the incomplete building before cold weather sets in.

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