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Walter F. Hicks donates $1 for the fund.



Walter F. Hicks sends a donation of $5 as an Easter gift for the fund.

Martha Berry encloses a questionnaire that they sent to Mr. Hall as well as his responses. She informs Mr. Campbell that she wants to secure a donation for Berry from the fund he mentioned in the questionnaire.
She asks him if he knows how they might go about securing such a donation.

Martha Berry writes that she appreciates Mr. Hall's recommendation, and asks for help securing a gift from the fund that he spoke to her about.

Miss Berry has just gotten over a bronchial cough and has missed her appointment with Mr. Penny due to her illness. She informs Miss Neal of this and then notes that she will be in New York on the 4th- pressing that she would like Miss Neal to attend the engagement, held at Mr. Jones' Office, on the 5th of March. Miss Berry believes that together they, alongside Inez Wooton, will be able to raise money and get Trustees for the school.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Dunkelberger, from The W.M. Stearns Missionary Fund, for donating to the school. As people are "begging to come to Berry," Martha says that investments pay one hundred percent in human dividends.

E.H. Hoge is writing to remind Mr. Atkinson that his subscription to a Berry Schools fund is due on the first of July. He than thanks him for his donation and tells him he is appreciated by everyone involved with the schools.

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