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Martha Berry thanks Mr. Holt for arranging to have Mrs. Crowell visit Berry, and says that she is enclosing the letter that she wrote to Mrs. Crowell. Martha Berry says that she is looking forward to meeting Mrs. Crowell and thanks Mr. Holt for his help and friendship.

Martha Berry reaches out to Mr. Crane and lets him know that she is doing better.

Martha Berry reaches out to one of her friends.

Martha Berry lets Miss Chase know she is thinking of her.

Berry writes of the importance of her friendship with Ladd and encloses a photograph taken of her holding violets that Ladd sent.

Berry thanks Ladd for her telegram of congratulations about the Pictorial Review Achievement Award and provides details of activities related to the award. She shares memories of a visit to the school by Noel Morris, who has recently died.

Martha Berry writes that she was delighted to receive a letter in Ladd's own handwriting and that she imagines Ladd's beautiful smile. Berry thanks Ladd for her friendship and contributions. She speaks of the library that they donated and boxes of candy that they sent to the students who in return sent them to their younger siblings. She wishes recovery and good health for Mr. Ladd.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hammond for her Brace Up Thoughts for 1928, writes about the students' Christmas holidays, and thanks Mrs. Hammond for her friendship and counsel. Martha writes that she thinks that her work is God's work.

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