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Martha Berry receives a postcard from a friend informing her that Ford General Motors had Berry students at their exhibit building at the World's Fair.

Letter written to Miss Berry from Elizabeth Walbridge wishing her a Merry Christmas, and thanking her for the box of cotton she sent her.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Elkins for a hospitable lunch and wishes to meet Mr. Elkins as she knew his mother. She extends an open invitation to visit Berry during their trip South and make use of the Berry guest house.

Miss Berry writes to her friend that she is back at the schools for a few days following a trip to Atlanta for a meeting of the trustees. She tells Mrs. Wright that she is forwarding her Atlanta Constitution and NY Times to Mrs. Wright while she (Miss Berry) is abroad, as she sails Saturday on the White Star Line.

Miss Berry writes Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Bonneyman who are in Knoxville. She advises them about purchasing a Hepplewhite card table at a furniture store, and tells them the news from campus.

A letter written from Martha Berry to Jessie during Christmas time. Includes small talk about family and wishing Jessie good health.

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