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A letter thanking Martha Berry for flowers she'd sent and expressing her pleasant visit to the Berry Schools.

This card depicts a basket of flowers and says "With love, Martha & Virginia"


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Martha Berry is writing to let Mrs. Graham know that she received the flowers she sent and is enjoying them. She expresses hope that Mrs. Graham's work is going well and thanks her for being thoughtful.

W. T. Carlisle of Blue Ridge Nurseries is advertising its newly opened branch in Atlanta, Georgia to Martha Berry.

Martha Berry sends a letter to Mr. Walter Mooney about flowers for Mrs. Davis.

Martha writes to Grady to make sure to get the rest of the rent for the place he rented last year. Also to send some plants to Mr. Mooney on the mountain to be planted.

Martha Berry lets Mr. Cridland know what is going through her mind about the garden.


Martha writes to Mrs. White to thank her for calling on her niece and taking flower to her, and how glad she was to see her again.



Lena K. Snyder writes to thank Martha Berry for a happy visit at Berry and ask her to thank the girls that gave her flowers.

Harbin thanks Berry for the basket of flowers she sent to Dr. Harbin during his illness.

Ms. Berry has received flowers from Mr. and Mrs. Nabers and sends them a letter of appreciation.

Mrs Noons thanks Miss Berry for the violets, and for thinking of her. She also praises Martha Berry for her splendid service. She wishes luck to Berry in getting a gymnasium built.

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