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Mrs. Heath says that she is enclosing a donation in memory of Mother's Day. She says that her donation has been delayed because she has no permanent mailing address and mail had to be forwarded to her.

Martha Berry sends her regrets that she currently has no students she can recommend to help Mr. Cook with his farm at present.

Leopold A. Cook informs the Berry Schools of a piece of property he interested in that is for sale in Freehold, New Jersey. He hopes there is a student at the Berry Schools who could help him with the property and in return be gifted one half of the property as well as the net profits. He also suggests the possibility of buying a farm closer to Berry so they could watch over the student better.

The Berry Schools thank Mr. Crane for the gift he sent as their funds are very low at this time. They update Mr. Crane on the boys and girls activities during the summer.

Mary Nevins says she has been so busy at the farm that the 16th has come before she knows it. She sends $100 explaining that since she gave a gift to help rebuild the dormitory she can't give more at this time.

Martha reaches out to a farm and asks them to offer a cheap price for cows since the school's funds are running low. She wants to enter them into a show in the fall.

Martha Berry asks Mr. Herbert Ferrell, of Crieve Hall Farms, to donate two cows to the Berry Schools.

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