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Anna W. Hollenback would like to help the Berry Schools by selling some of the items that the students have made. However, with the Great Depression, it is difficult to find people to buy them. Hollenback also says she is glad Martha Berry's eyes have improved.

A letter informing Miss Gabbi of how much Martha Berry enjoyed her previous visit in the Spring and an update on how her eye is doing after surgery at the Presbyterian Hospital in New York.

Martha Berry talks about activities that occurred for her birthday after thanking Mrs. Ford for her telegram. She also talks about her appearance on a radio broadcast and how excited she is that she finally has her glasses after the surgery on her eyes. She concludes with the hope that the Fords will visit Berry soon.

A thank you letter for the scholarship donation for a student to go to Berry.

A letter to Mrs. Hitchcock praising her as someone of inspiration and also asking for donations for more students to be able to come to Berry.

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