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John D. Williams sends $150 to The Berry Schools.

Edith R. Whiting sends $10 toward a fund for a memorial day on May 31st for her father. She notes that this payment makes a total of $40 in her fund.

Mrs. Watson donates $2500 to endow the day April 6, her wedding day.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Harding expressing her sympathy for Mr. Harding's passing. She also suggests that perhaps the money he gave to the school, along with other contributions, could go towards an endowed day in his memory.

Mrs. Belding made a contribution of $2000 to the endowment fund of the Berry Schools in memory of her mother's death. Miss Berry thanks her and passes on well wishes, referencing the inclusion of information about the use of the gift.

Martha Berry writes that she does not want her guests to tip the boys & girls because she would like them to treat the guests as if they were in their home. Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Robinson for her letter and her gift, and encourages her to endow a day in honor of Col. Roosevelt. She also tells a funny story about a little boy's history lesson.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Macy for his and Mrs. Macy's gift at Christmas saying that they have helped build up the endowment fund. She also says that she's sorry she wasn't able to see him while she was in New York - she remembers all the pleasant visits with the Macys. She says that one of the last things Mrs. Macy spoke to her about was her interest in the endowment fund and her plan to host a luncheon to raise support for it. She adds a post script saying that Mr. Ladd told her Mr. Macy would let her know the name for the endowed day for that year.

H. F. Lippold writes to Martha with a check of $1,250 from Mr. V. Everit Macy for Endowed Day.

Mr. Holt sends his condolences about Miss Berry's bronchitis and cancelled speaking engagements. He also writes that even though he has many heavy obligations, he has decided to send $1,000 to endow April 20th, the anniversary of his mother's death and Mrs. Holt's recovery. He concludes the letter with an update on his personal life.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Doll for his gift; she expresses her sympathy at Mrs. Doll's going and writes about the possibility of having an endowed day for Mrs. Doll.

Martha Berry expresses her sympathy for the death of Mrs. Willard Saulsbury, who was a good friend of The Berry Schools. She encloses literature on endowed days that she hopes Mr. Gooch will pass on to a near family member of Mrs. Saulsbury so that her name can be permanently connected with the Schools. Miss Berry also thanks Mr. Gooch for distributing the cotton to the members of the Trust department at Christmastime. She also sends Mr. Gooch other literature about Berry that he might be interested in reading. Miss Berry closes the letter with her request that Mr. Gooch send her the name and address of any relative of Mrs. Saulsbury that might want to endow a day in her name.

Martha Berry writes that she is distressed at Mr. Allen's passing, and thanks Mrs. Allen for her and the late Mr. Allen's interest in Berry. Martha Berry suggests that an endowed day would be an appropriate way to perpetuate Mr. Allen's memory. She suggests a gradual payment if Mrs. Allen cannot pay at this time.

The Berry Schools thank Mrs. Trafford for her gift towards an Endowed Day in memory of Mrs. Richards.

The Berry Schools thank Mrs. Brown for her gift to endow a day in memory of Mrs. Richards.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Bull for her gift of an endowed day honoring Mrs. Richards' memory.

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