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A letter informing Mr. John Henry Hammond of his unanimous election to the board of trustees of Berry Schools. She hopes that he will except, because she so strongly values his leadership and generous help he has given Berry throughout the years.


Achelis expresses her concern about Bessie Berry Wright's automobile accident and reports that Mr. and Mrs. Myers have returned to Princeton. Achelis encloses a clipping and writes about her admiration for Herbert Hoover and her opinion that Prohibition should be changed. She has renewed three magazine subscriptions for the Berry library and inquires about the status of the basket for Mr. Rouland.

Berry thanks Achelis for the book about Herbert Hoover, saying that she is interested in his career and plans to vote for him.

Achelis is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Rouland at their summer home in Marblehead, Massachusetts. She reports on the weather there and hopes the Georgia weather is fine, that she imagines Martha Berry "motoring along mountainous high ways." She is absorbed in the coming presidential election, supporting Herbert Hoover, and orders an iron wood basket to be sent to the Rouland's address.

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