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Letter to Anna W. Hollenback from Martha Berry thanking her for her gift at their most dire time of need at the Berry Schools. She informs Miss Hollenback that she was abroad this summer, not at Nauheim but at Carlsbad, where she took the cure but that once she returned to the schools the stress of the situation has made her quite ill again. She blames the drought as well as the depression for the greater needs of the schools as well as the difficulty to raise any money in the economic situation.

Chas. S. Hebard replies to an appeal for gifts during desperate times due to a severe "drouth" that has parched area gardens and orchards. Original recipient, Mrs. Chas. S. Hebard, died in Sept. of 1929 so Mr. Hebard sent a reply and asks that Mrs. Hebard be removed from Berry's mailing list.

Mrs. Carpenter sent this note remarking on "the business depression" written on the bottom of a fundraising appeal. She says it has affected their family welfare work in Minneapolis but that a "cheque" is enclosed.

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