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This letter is asking for the help of Mr. Starr because the region has experienced a recent drouth leaving those in the area in need.



Laura Smith sends The Berry Schools a check for $100 in response to the recent drought.

Miss Robertson is sorry that the Berry Schools have been affected by the drought, and sends $50 to help. She also mentions that Miss Berry to ask President Hoover for help.

M. Ellen Richards sends Martha Berry a check for $5.00 in response to the news of the drought and its affect on the School.

Miss Berry is pleading for help, due to the incessant drought. Ms. Peck returned the appeal letter with a $25 check. Possibly Mrs. Wm. Halsey-Peck.



Mary Myers wants to help the Berry Schools during a time of drought, so she sends a check for one-hundred dollars in response to an appeal mailed out by the school.

A letter written by A. E. O. Munsell letting Martha Berry know how sorry she is that the drought affected Georgia.

This is a letter from Lewis Morris to Miss Berry stating a $500 donation. He also mentions a drought in New York City and tells Miss Berry that he hopes his donation will make the drought in the south a little better.

The letter is asking for a donation to Berry because the drought destroyed much of the crops the previous summer. The donation would help feed the boys and girls at the school.

Grace F. Miller (Mrs. Van Reed Miller) is sorry to hear about the hard times Martha Berry is going through. Send sends a $1.50 donation.

Martha Berry appreciates the interest Mr. Milbank has in Berry and expresses the hardships the drought have brought on.


Martha Berry explains the hardships her students are going through and encourages her friends to help these boys and girls.

This is a scratch sheet of numbers calculating the amount of money brought in from the drought appeal letters from August 12, 1930 to October 17, 1930.

Letter to Anna W. Hollenback from Martha Berry thanking her for her gift at their most dire time of need at the Berry Schools. She informs Miss Hollenback that she was abroad this summer, not at Nauheim but at Carlsbad, where she took the cure but that once she returned to the schools the stress of the situation has made her quite ill again. She blames the drought as well as the depression for the greater needs of the schools as well as the difficulty to raise any money in the economic situation.

Anna W. Hollenback sends Martha Berry a donation of $100 and inquires as to how Martha Berry is doing. She also mentions the long drought and the potential effects it may have had on the School's crops.

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