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C. P. Curtis Jr. writes as the executor for Mrs. Russell, explaining that Mrs. Russell died over five years ago and asks that she be removed from the mailing list.

In this letter Miss Josephine Colgate expresses her interest in the school and encloses a small donation for the Berry Schools.

A letter from Mrs. J. Henry Watson to Martha Berry saying she's sending a check sufficient to cover the tuition for two boys at the Berry Schools.



In this collection of letters between Miss Berry and Miss Flora C White there is discussion of Miss Flora's donation that had been lost in the mail; Miss Berry says how regretful she is that the letter was misplaced and that the school never received it. Miss Berry states that the $100 would have allowed a little girl named Polly to come to Berry to study. Miss Flora decides to resend her donation, and Miss Berry corresponds with her thanks.

In this letter Mr.W.W. Orr writes Mr. Herman Hoge and donates $125.00

In this letter Mr. Guilford explains that he has enclosed the freigt bill coverage for a case of prepaid clothing, as well as his enclosed check for $10.00 towards the Berry Schools.

This is a statement of Miss Annie B Auchincloss' donation of $150 dollars to the Berry Schools.

Clow is sending two boxes of educational magazines to The Berry Schools. She wishes she could send more, but she attached to a large school that needs her help.

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