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Joseph Kelly donates $10 to Martha Berry for the school.

Annie May Hegeman writes to Martha Berry, saying that it brings her pleasure to be able to enclose with her letter a check for $500. She goes on to speak of how she admires the Berry Schools and all the work that Martha Berry has done there. She wishes that she could carry on her deceased parents' good works, but since she cannot, she hopes instead to assist the good works of the Berry Schools.

This letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. A.W Esleeck ask for Mrs. Esleeck to donate money to the school to help pay for the students' education

In this letter, Miss Berry writes Miss Alice S Coffin in desperation for donations during "one of the hardest years in our history.

In this letter, Martha Berry thanking Mr. Chambers for donating money towards building Pilgrim Hall

Mrs. Duff writes to Martha Berry with a check for 100 dollars to help with her good work.

Mr. Douglass sends additional funds, bringing their total contribution to $150 for the year.

In this document, Martha Berry seems to be fine-tuning the wording used in the closing paragraph of a solicitation letter for the Christmas season in 1927.

Thank you letter for a gift of $1,000. Miss Berry also discusses her "silver wedding with the Berry Schools" and invites Miss White to visit the schools.

Mrs. William Sloane sends a donation letter to Martha Berry for the amount of $150.

This is a donation letter to the Berry Schools from Mrs. Charles Proctor for a $10.00 gift.

Martha Berry thanks Lucile LaVerne for assiting a Mr. Brown in donating to the school. Miss Berry also wishs that Luciele could join them for the Silver Anniversary.

Miss Spencer states that she is sending a belated gift for the schools in response to the Berry Christmas greeting.

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