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A pilgrimage is planned to Fort Pulaski, Bonaventure, Bethesda, and Wormsole followed by a dinner at the Hotel Savannah that evening. This brochure gives you the opportunity to reserve a spot by including a $2.50 check for the dinner.

Berry is anxious to hear from Campbell and asks her to telephone Mrs. Hammond to learn about the dinner. Berry wants to go to New York before the dinner to get a dress and hat, and wants Campbell to join her at the St. Regis Hotel.

Martha Berry sends a thank you letter to Mr. David McAlpin Pyle after receiving the amount of $100.

Hammond is asked to supply addresses for some of the guests at the Nov. 27 dinner.

Miss Berry accepts the invitation to dinner at the Roosevelt House, which she previously could not make.

Martha Berry writes to Genevieve Parkhurst to discuss plans for a dinner in Berry's honor to be arranged by Parkhurst in New York City.

Hammond encloses a dinner program and prompts Berry to be ready to speak.


Carlisle describes how much she enjoyed attending a recent fundraising dinner and her fond memories of a previous visit to Berry.


Mr Bierwirth thanks Martha Berry for her letter advising him about a dinner to be held by Mrs Hammond. Hwill however be unable to attend. He congratulates Martha Berry on her recient award which may have a part in a new permanent building at Berry

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Kissel for her donation that gave life to some boy or girl. She describes her trips to the mountains during the summer to find new students. She says she remembers the dinner at Mrs. Stevens and hopes they will meet again soon.

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