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Mina Colburn Hilles writes of her recent visit to Berry and regret at having not seen Martha Berry. Hilles wishes to interest her husband in becoming a benefactor to the school and discusses her interest in the health of young people. Hilles describes her own "nature diet" and suggests that a mill to prepare grains grown at the school might be a possibility. She invites Martha Berry to visit for any length of time, and to meet their adopted daughter Betty and two other girls they are educating.

Achelis responds to Berry's letter that the basket she gave as a wedding present to her sister is the size she wishes to order now. She wishes she could be at the school to enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables, and asks if Berry takes time for "resting and dreaming" at the house on Lavendar Mountain.

Gerogia Robertson is writing to Martha Berry and tells her about an article that she wrote that was published about improving children's health. She also wants to send a reprint of the article to students at Berry and those who are going out into the mountains to teach.

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