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Martha Berry expresses her worry that people go to the dam and drive along the causeway on Sunday afternoon. She asks Grady to have a fence put up and think of a way to stop people from trespassing at the dam.

Martha writes to Mr. Hall having returned from her trip abroad and asks about who he had recommended for contract of the dam, as she has forgotten their name.

Martha Berry writes to B. M. Hall to tell him when she will and won't be present at her home and the Berry Schools. She is anxious to see and speak with him about fixing the dam for the Schools' water power.

B. M. Hall writes to acknowledge Berry's check for the field work required to design the watershed and reservoir for Berry's water supply, and to discuss the design process. Hall writes that they are working up the plans and will get it to Miss Berry as soon as possible.

E. G. Liebold tells Martha Berry of his arrangements to send three Wilford Steam Shovels to Berry. He notes that plans for the dam have been sent to Mr. Campsall.


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Martha Berry writes Mr. Hall to ask for his advice and counsel as to her incomplete plan to build a water power generating station at Berry.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Carson at American Cast Iron and Pipe Company about whether or not The Berry Schools should put a dam in at their water source because it is currently insufficient so they have to turn to city water. She asks Mr. Carson to come down to look at the water supply. She says that since Mr. Egan was so interested in The Berry Schools that she feels sure the company will be happy to help her.

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