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In this letter Roy B. Stewart of the Ruralist Press acknowledges that he has received Miss Bonner's letter that deals with the box of cuts that has not been delivered to Berry College yet. Roy B. Stewart says that American Railway is responsible, and that he will send another box if they have lost it.

The Berry Schools ask A. B. Rogan to send the list of cuts he wants and will send them to him for his article about the Schools. They remind him that they will expect the cuts to be promptly returned.



Letter disputes charges related to preparations for printing The Southern Highlander.

Letter to Martha Berry from Sewell Haggard informing Miss Berry that she can have the cuts free of charge but to let them know if she would all of them or only some of them. Mr. Haggard also informs Miss. Berry that the photographs were returned by the art department.

Mr. Harrington writes to inform Martha Berry that her wire was received and they have replied via parcel post. He also assumes that she received the picture books he sent.

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