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A thank you letter for Mrs. Hiss' gift and a summary of commencement week activities at Berry

A telegram from Emily V Hammond to Miss Martha Berry hoping her well enough to attend the commencement exercises this week.


Mr. Chase, the President of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill writes Miss Berry to remind her of her standing agreement to present at the Commencement of the University of North Carolina on the 10th of June. He states that a gown will be furnished for the occasion and that she is being awarded an honorary degree through the university.

A letter to Dr. Mime asking him to come speak at Berry's commencement ceremony with accompanying details about the event

Berry thanks Meacham for the offer to send books to the school. Since the school cannot afford to fill the library on their own, they rely on donations and Berry writes that she very much appreciates the Meachams' gift.

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