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Martha Berry writes to Emily Hammond to tell her that the Berry Schools wants to pursue a four year college course. Berry wants Hammond to receive the first degree from Berry. She expresses interest in Dr. Norwood and [R]ollins College. She also mentions students who have gone from Berry to Antioch College.

The Berry Schools say that they are unable to help advise Miss Brown on how to procede but they hope she is able to get the building for her school.

This letter was sent to Mrs. Calvin Austin to discuss the essay contest and the prize that was offered. The prize was divided so that all of the schools could enter; both the Girls School and the Foundation School had winners. The college students were to compete in the fall for the remainder of Mrs. Austin's gift.

Mr. Langston is writing to Miss. Berry to thank her for a letter. He also informs her that he is doing well in college and with his work at a high school. He wishes the Berry school to have the greatest school year in its history.

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