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Mrs. Heath explains that she sent a package of clothing to the Berry Schools and wants to know whether or not it had been received.

Mrs. M.E.S. Rurtleff sends a children's clothing donation to The School.

John R. Adams writes to Martha Berry apologizing that his income is limited and he can not send a check for her work. He mentions that he is sending a carton of clothing to be used for the mountain people. She hopes that perhaps he will be able to adjust after losing his wife of 53 years of marriage.

Mrs. Walter informs Martha Berry that she is sending two black coats for girls and one pair of boys black pants.

Helen express concerns that Miss Fannie Hatch never received a letter from Miss Berry detailing what her circle needs to make for the schools. She requests that Miss Berry sends instructions and measurements at her earliest convenience.

Helen R. Gill writes to Martha Berry, enclosing a check from the World Wide Guild of the Fifth Baptist Church (of Philadelphia) for an amount of five dollars. Gill goes on to inquire--as did one of the ladies of the church one month prior--if Martha Berry would like for a circle of the church to assume the responsibility of clothing one of Berry's "girl students." She asks after the specific measurements of a girl so that members of the circle can begin work on constructing the clothing as soon as possible.

Martha Berry assures Mrs. Croomes that the school received her gift of clothing and that her acknowledgement letter must have been lost in the mail. She also informs Mrs. Croomes that they are happy to accept monetary donations at any time of the year, but they do not give gifts of money to the students. In addition, Miss Berry tells her that a one hundred and fifty dollar donation will keep a student in school for a year.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. A. K. Cutler sending literature and in appreciation of her continued support.

Elsie A. Blood sends a check for $10 and informs Martha Berry that she sent clothes for the boys in Rome, Georgia a week prior.

Martha Berry writes to George W. House thanking him for the package of clothing during the Christmas Season. She hopes that they will be able to keep the boys and girls at the school in the spring.

Mary M. Ostrander writes Martha Berry about her donation of several clothing items.

Julie V. Loew writes Martha Berry inquiring about clothing donations, informs Martha Berry of her mother's passing, and provides her new address.

The Berry Schools express their regret that Miss Loew's mother has died, as she was always so invested into the schools. They hope Miss Loew will continue her mother's work with the schools and explain how donation of old clothing works.

Mr. Lyall writes to Martha about some old clothes that he sent the other day to the Berry Schools.

S. C. Wrtzel has sent Martha Berry a box of worn, but good clothing, by freight by request of Miss Berry, and is asking if this sort of this is good if she should send more occasionally.

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