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M.S.H. Bowles asks to hear about a student named Sam because she has donated money on this student's behalf.

A letter of appreciation for how wonderful Mr. and Mrs. Edwards' last trip to Berry was. Additionally, Mr. Edwards informs Martha that the Federal Council may be helping the schools in some form in the future, along with his own check.

Martha writes to Miss Richardson with letters of thanks to the chapters that had donated to the Berry Schools.

A letter expressing how much Mr. and Mrs. Hoppin enjoyed their visit to Berry the previous Spring, in addition to two donations of $100.

Mrs. Hammond says she is glad that the cattle arrived to the school safely, and that she is sending along two more checks for the printing press.

Martha writes to Emily to inform Mrs. Hammond that her letter arrived with the checks and she shall write a letter of thanks to each person. Martha comments about how nice it is to be home again and that it is difficult to follow the doctors orders for rest when there is so much to do for the school.

Berry has received the registered package with checks amounting to $3,060, and expresses her thanks for the wonderful dinner.

E. H. Hoge, Comptroller of the Berry Schools, encloses statement of the cost of the new girls' recitation hall which shows the amount paid to the general contractors, Thompson-Starrett Company , with explanation of other charges that were or were not included. He included a request for a check for the amount.


E.H. Hoge, Comptroller for the Berry Schools, acknowledge receipt of a check of $8610.93 for the new water supply.


On behalf of Henry Ford, E. G. Liebold encloses a check for $5,689.44 for the invoice of the Clanton & Webb Company and the McDonald Furniture Company.


Mr. Thompson writes to reimburse the Schools for the freight charges on the flour the Fords sent to them.



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L. J. Thompson, from the office of Henry Ford, writes to the Berry Schools to enclose a check for $8610.93 as requested.


Mr. Hoge writes to Mr. Liebold about invoices that Berry has received from several companies involved in construction at Berry. Mr. Hoge trusts that there will be no problem with Mr. Liebold forwarding a check for the amounts listed in the letter.


This is a statement of work for the Berry College Reservoir.


This is a letter from the comptroller of The Berry Schools(E.H. Hoge) to Mr. E. G. Liebold regarding a statement of cost of the water supply for Berry Schools. The comptroller seems to be requesting a check for the amount mentioned in the letter from the office of Mr. Henry Ford.

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