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Mr. Holt includes part of a letter from Grace Noll Crowell about a possible visit to Berry. Ms. Crowell writes that she wishes she could come, but that two of her sons have been sick recently. She says that she will try to visit as soon as they improve. She talks about sharing her poetry with the students. Mr. Holt suggests that Martha Berry write to Ms. Crowell about the visit.

Martha Berry writes to both men about the possibility of Dr. Graves visiting Berry. She says that it would be an inspiration to her students to hear him speak.

A letter from Martha Berry to Frank Campbell (Secretary to Henry Ford) regarding getting a new Lincoln to replace her old Ford for $3,000 as result of conversation with Henry Ford. The letter also outlines a need for a new express body truck to replace an old panel body truck.

E G Liebold, General Secretary to Henry Ford, replies to Miss Martha Berry about a car she had requested. New improvements are forthcoming and Mr. Ford wishes to wait to incorporate these in the car.


Berry writes to Henry Ford's secretary to inquire about a two-door car Ford had promised her while visiting the schools.


In this letter Martha Berry is asking Mr. Campsall to take care of the list of equipment that the departments need for school. She also reminds them of the promised Mr. Ford made her of one of the new Ford cars.




Martha Berry writes to a Capt. W.D. Southwick asking him to talk a Mr. Franklin into donating a 'Franklin Car' to the Berry Schools so that she can visit some of the 6000 boys and girls they've trained. She also mentions that the 25th anniversary of the Schools is coming up.

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