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H G Hamrick sent the letter to MIss Berry informing her of donation the "National Georgraphic Magazine" to Boys' library by William S Ransom - living in San Franciso, CA.

Miss Berry sends Col. Tate a blue print of the marble ballstrade (balustrade) attached to the chapel at the Boys School. They would like to use the marble from Tate Marble Works only if he could make a donation or a concession to the price.

Berry is glad that Wingo will consider coming to teach at the Boys School. The school can offer her a salary of $60 a month with room and board. Wingo's mother is also offered room and board at $20 a month.

Berry writes to Alice Wingo in hopes that she might come to the Berry School to teach English during the next school year. Since many of the male teachers have gone to war, the school is short for the new year.

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