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Martha Berry returns a book Metcalf lent to her and lets her know that she enjoyed it and used it at Oberammergau during the Passion Play. Berry informs Metcalf she is on a "starvation cure".

Martha Berry thanks Miss Graham for sending a book to Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Graham for the thoughtful gift she has sent.

Iris Lee lets Martha Berry know that her friend, Mrs. Seydel, will autograph a copy of her book for her.

Tracy Wallace Byers writes to say that he has talked to several prominent people in New York who think that Ford donated millions not buildings and asks if he can come to Berry early to finish the book ahead of schedule and help change peoples' ideas about Ford's donations.

Tracy Wallace Byers writes to say he is sorry to leave the Schools and will miss everyone greatly. He updates Miss Berry on the progress of his book and says that he will see her in New York or for their trip to Sand Mountain.

R. Sugimote writes to tell Miss Berry that he has written a book in his own language about his experiences at Berry and encloses a copy.


Letter to Dr. Howard A. Kelly from Martha Berry informing him that the school's librarian has asked her to request that he send a signed copy of his book entitled "A Scientific Man and the Bible." Miss Berry informs him that her mother died on December 30th of the year before and that she knows he will be sorry to hear the news. However, she encourages him with the news that all eight of her children were with her at the time. She wishes him a happy new year and thanks him for everything that he does for the Berry Schools.

A letter to Martha Berry from Leleka Smart apologizing for not being acknowledging Martha Berry's earlier letter. Says that that Frank Holden a 2nd Lieutenant who served with her son in the war has written a book, "War Memories." The book mentions her son, Daniel's last sermon while in Europe. Holden is sending a copy of his book to Berry.

Martha Berry asks for an autographed copy of Mr. Kahn's new book for the Berry Schools' library.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. E.W. Barrow for a book he sent to Berry College.

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