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A letter from Martha Berry to Bob Dickey, where she expresses her appreciation on reading his letter from her hospital bed.

A thank you letter to Miss Hoge for her birthday note to Martha.

A letter to W. Clayton Henson from Martha Berry, thanking him for his birthday wishes and inviting him back to the schools, as he had not been there in quite some time.



Clayton Crowe wishes Martha Berry a happy birthday and says that he is having a good time in school.

Erwin Holt wrote this letter to Miss Berry the day before her birthday. In it, he wishes her a happy birthday, tells her events he has seen in the news, and mentions some stories from his personal life.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hammond for her birthday wishes and describes the student procession and putting small gifts for her in a basket. Berry alerts Hammond to the Good Housekeeping contest to select the 12 most accomplished women in America.

Hammond sends Berry "loving birthday greetings."

Mrs. Halsey writes again to clarify to Miss Berry that she is putting toether a birthday book for her mother and sends three pages for the "3 Lo." to write on. She asks that the pages be sent back to her right away.

Mrs. Halsey writes to Miss Bery to explain the birthday book she is putting together for her mother's 75th birthday. The book will contain good wishes and love from all the children her mother has helped. She asks if it would be better to send the pages or ask for the addresses of the "3 Lo."

Welch writes to Berry about her appeal for Mother's Day. She wishes to donate $10 each year on her mother's birthday, August 13th, to honor her mother.

Phipps sends happy birthday wishes. On stationery from Bonnie Blink, home of entrepreneur and philanthropist Henry Phipps, Jr. and his wife Anne Shaffer Phipps.


Martha Berry writes in thanks for a gift from Edith Carpenter Macy endowing the birthday of Kate Macy Ladd. Berry expresses her hope that Edith Macy will grow up to be a good friend to Berry.

Mr. Erwin A. Holt wishes Miss Berry a happy birthday and discusses many different subjects such as anti-Catholicism and traveling.

Charles Proctor writes a long letter to Martha Berry talking about fund raising, recruiting a resident dentist for the Berry Schools, a plan to build the endowment, the upcoming Berry commencement and the birthday gift Mr. Proctor received from the boys at Berry.

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