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A reply sent in Martha Berry's absence to Reed's letter about a bequest from her husband. Although a scholarship in her husband's name is a possibility, the preference is for bequests to be placed in the endowment fund.

Reed inquires about the best use of a $1,000 bequest to the school from her husband.

Berry thanks Mrs. Markoe for her gift. She mentions a bequest from Mrs. Kennedy and the generosity of Kate Macy Ladd.

Berry apologizes for having sent a solicitation to Kendall's sister, of whose death the school had been notified.

Kendall writes that a $1,000 gift was from the estate of her sister, Susan R. Kendall, who died several years previously. Georgiana Kendall already has many "uplift" commitments and so cannot do more for the Berry Schools.

W.E. Carson expresses pleasure at the news of V. Everit Macy's bequest to Berry. A handwritten annotation on the letter indicates that Carson was a porter who brought the Pilgrims to Berry on a number of occasions.

Notes about a paragraph from the will of Frederick A. Goodrich giving instructions for a charitable bequest to be designated by his wife. The school received a check from $2,375 as a part of this bequest; advisers recommended accepting without further investigation.

Miss Berry thanks Dr. Clayton for letting her know about someone who might be willing to help Berry and for his help in the "Durbrow matter".

Clayton suggests Berry send literature to Mrs. Albert T. Johnston, who expressed a desire to give away old clothes. He speaks of a bequest from Mrs. Mary Durbrow, referring to getting it as a "long fight".

Letter to Mr. D.B. Meacham from Martha Berry concerning Mrs. Emery's will, a request for a list of people contributing to charitable organizations and Martha Berry encourages him and his wife to come for a visit to the schools.

Meacham encloses a copy of Mrs. Emery's will, which includes a bequest to the Thos. J. Emery Memorial. Meacham suggests that Berry send literature to some "prominent men" but cautions that she not reveal that he gave her their names.

Berry thanks Winthrop for her gift of $2500 to endow a day in honor of her mother. She would love to have the photograph Winthrop offered to place in one of the buildings for the boys and girls to see. She suggests that an additional day could be endowed if Winthrop wished to make a bequest.

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