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Martha Berry explains the hardships her students are going through and encourages her friends to help these boys and girls.

Mrs. Robert C. Pruyn sends $150 to The Berry Schools.

Miss M. Hanna has received one of Martha Berry's blanket letters announcing the Schools' recent celebration of its twenty-fifth anniversary and pleading for donations to allow more students to be accepted into The Berry Schools.
Miss M. Hanna, for the estate of Hy. Hanna, sends a donation of $50 in response.

Martha Berry sends this letter to thank Mrs. Andrews for her donation to the schools. Then she says that the spring semester is going well and that her donation will help out greatly. This letter was written on the back of a "begging letter."

Martha Berry writes that Berry has just celebrated twenty-five years, and about the need for funds to keep the boys and girls in school. The recipient has sent $150 in response to this appeal.

Appeal letter asking for a scholarship gift for "American born boys and girls from a hopeless environment." Mrs. Turnbull sent $5 in response.

Miss Mary S. F. Ober sends $50 to The Berry Schools in response to a letter from Martha Berry asking for donations for scholarships for students.

Mrs. James Boyd sends $150 to The Berry Schools.

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