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The bill is for 1 baby blanket, 1 baby cuddle robe, 1 finger tip towel, and 1 sachet bag. It says that the items were sent to Mrs. S. W. Childs, Jr. and asks that the bill be returned with remittance.

Mrs. Sturgis asks about a blanket in which has been recently been discontinued. Miss Berry suggests a wool blanket that is very tasteful in choosing.

Order form for Mrs. Chapin for 2 baby blankets.

List of Sunshine sales to Emily Vanderbilt Hammond. Includes baby blanket, towels, baskets, a fan, bags, scarves, a rug and stool mats.

Marion Dhein writes to Martha Berry to thank her for sending a baby blanket to her newborn daughter, Shirley. She reflects on the year she spent on campus and on her time at Sunshine Cottage.

Mrs. William Starr Myers has ordered a Dogwood Quilt from the Berry Schools to be used as a baby blanket. The school will begin making it as soon as they receive samples of the colors she wishes to be in the quilt.

Anna W. Hollenback encloses a check for $16 for two baby blankets as well as her usual donation of $100. She also says she was sorry to hear about the accident of one of Martha Berry's sisters.

Martha writes to Anna to thank her for the gift that was sent to the Berry Schools, she writes that she will see what the trouble is with the baby blanket and why the colors faded.

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