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Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Smith about her failing health and inability to go out and work as she has in the past. She also asks Mrs. Smith to come visit her and gives her some information on reaching the school by train or automobile.

Letter to the office of Henry Ford discussing replacement of old Model T's with Model A vehicles and also replacement parts for both models.

A letter accompanying the return of photographs used in an article on the Berry Schools in the September issue of American Motorist.

Martha Berry writes to a Capt. W.D. Southwick asking him to talk a Mr. Franklin into donating a 'Franklin Car' to the Berry Schools so that she can visit some of the 6000 boys and girls they've trained. She also mentions that the 25th anniversary of the Schools is coming up.

Miss Clara L. Snow informs Martha Berry that she should be receiving a box of old clothes soon. She also sends a check for $150 for a scholarship and reports on Mr. and Mrs. Ford, dancing, and a new automobile.

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