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Mrs. Williams writes to Martha Berry that they almost crossed paths in Augusta, GA while she was returning from Florida. She sent a $150 donation so that Martha could "continue this good work."

Martha Berry asks Mr. Martin when would be a good time for her to visit Augusta with a graduate of the schools. She would like to set up an exhibit there and perhaps show some of the "moving pictures."

In this letter Martha Berry says that she does not have any friends in St. Augustine rather that Mrs. Inman should try Augusta.

Inman explains that she's using the MB (presumably Mother's Building) stationery because there is "a good bit on hand" and describes planning to send the MB exhibit with Inez to St. Augustine. She inquires whether there is any contact in St. Augustine through Martha Berry now. She indicates that the real object of her letter is to discuss old fashioned patched quilts which might be exhibited and sold.

The manager, A.E. Martin, of Bon Air-Vanderbilt Hotel, reports to Martha Berry that the representatives from her school were pleased with their visit to the hotel and are welcome back the following witner along with Miss Berry herself.

Mary L. Jackson writes in thanks for the Christmas cotton and explains that there are so many demands from charities that she cannot contribute to all. The letter also discusses the wedding of a neighbor, Miss Rowe, to Mr. Dunbar, who is from Augusta.



In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mr. Doyle for buying some of the articles he girls had made. She also says that she is going to send him literature about the schools to read and also to take abroad. At the very end she says that she looks forward to receiving his magazines.

Martha Berry asks Mrs. Hammond not to get involved with the "Mother's Building" -- she is no longer enthusiastic about the project and does not think Mrs. Inman needs to seek support outside the south. Berry hopes that the Pilgrims will donate money for a guesthouse.


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