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A thank you letter for the painting Mr. Conrow sent to the Berry Schools.

Everett Stewart writes to The Berry Schools to commend their work on The Southern Highlander, saying he particularly enjoyed this issue because he was recovering from an operation and had the time to read it but also because he enjoyed the pieces on the new couples, Oak Hill, and Mr. Keown. He says that he receives quite a few similar publications but none are as persuasive, attractive and beautiful as The Southern Highlander.

Charles Dickerson would like to paint a portrait for Martha Berry.

Martha Berry lets Mrs. Cresson know that she does not have the money for the portrait at this time.

Margaret Fitzhugh Browne is informed that Martha Berry has been away for some time and her return is unknown, therefore the portraits Browne requested for an exhibition cannot be provided.

Ms. Cresson writes to Miss Berry to inquire about the portrait bust scheduled the previous spring. She tries to confirm an appointment with Miss Berry between both of their busy schedules.

Mrs. French asks Miss Berry to make an appointment with her daughter, Mrs. Cresson, about her portrait bust.

Mrs. Cresson writes to Miss Berry about her charges for a portrait bust.

Margaret French Cresson writes to Coolidge and Carlson about collecting pictures for them and about doing a bust for Martha Berry.

Artist Edwin H. Blashfield writes to architect Harry J. Carlson that he prefers Margaret French Cresson as a sculptor for a portrait bust, but also recommends Tom H. Jones, Walker Hancock, and Edmond Amateis.

Painter Margaret Fitzhugh Browne provides Martha Berry with details about exhibitions of Browne's work in Atlanta and New York that included her portraits of Berry and Martha Freeman.

Painter Margaret Fitzhugh Browne asks to include her portraits of Martha Berry and Martha Freeman in an exhibition of her work at the High Museum in Atlanta.

Berry writes Inman about the possibility of Margaret Fitzhugh Brown using a previously done miniature as the basis for a portrait of Berry, since the miniature was "made at a time when I looked like I would have the schools remember me."

Martha Berry discusses the details of Browne's visit and portrait of her.

Browne confirms her travel plans to come to paint Martha Berry's portrait and asks for a description of the portrait's planned location.

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