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Martha Berry writes to G. Leland Green, concerned about the Possum Trot School, and gives him instructions on how she thinks things can be made better though more singing and art classes. She also expresses concern about how she thinks the students of all the schools need to feel more part of Berry.

Margaret Stauffer went on a trip to the Berry campus and to visit her brother, Frank Gottshall, who teaches at Berry. Stauffer expresses her gratitude for being able to visit the Schools and teach Mr. Hamrick's students about Japanese art. She was very impressed by the campus and style of teaching and compared them to the beautiful simplicity of traditional Japanese art.

Martha Berry lets Mrs. Cresson know that she does not have the money for the portrait at this time.

Berry tells Carlson that she has let Margaret French Cresson know that she lacks funds and time to continue with the portrait bust. She will work on getting a lower price for marble since Mrs. Inman has said they could not afford marble columns.

Mrs. Bussey gushes over the secondary beauty of Berry, second to the beauty of Miss Berry herself and says that The Berry School is the "true artists's dream".

Mr. Harrington writes that the pictures have arrived at the Port of Baltimore. He asks her to make out the affidavit and return it to him so he can have the pictures forwarded.



Martha Berry inquires about pictures that she has not yet received from W. E. Brown Decorating company.

M. A. Harrington of W. E. Browne Decorating Co. writes to Miss Berry explaining that he will gladly look after her old pictures.

Miss Berry writes to Mr. Harrington to advise him that she purchased some old paintings in Munich that she has sent to Atlanta in care of W. E. Browne Decorating Co.. She asks him to take care of them and says she will visit him when she goes to Atlanta again.

Letter describes how the building should be presented to the donors/mothers who gave and donated the furniture, the placement of pieces, the placement of a picture purchased by Mrs. Inman (Ideal Conception of American Motherhood) and instruction for a table to be under the picture to be made and presented by Berry students.

Ms. Cresson writes to Miss Berry to inquire about the portrait bust scheduled the previous spring. She tries to confirm an appointment with Miss Berry between both of their busy schedules.

Mrs. Cresson writes to Miss Berry about her charges for a portrait bust.

Berry accepts Closson's offer of a collection of unframed pictures, which can be framed in the Manual Training Department.

Letter offers a collection of unframed pictures to the Berry Schools if Miss Berry can find an economical way to have them framed.

The A.B. Closson, Jr. Company will ship pictures to Berry.

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